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An African American woman sits behind a laptop listening during a conversation to women sitting across from her in a modern conference room

Diversity, equity, & inclusion

We support employees in being their authentic selves, and believe that a wide variety of ideas, experiences, and backgrounds betters us as a collective.

Two people at a table at a Pride event in New Jersey with multi-color baloons and a LGBTQ+ flag over the display

Why DE&I?

At Turnberry, we strive to live our core values – not just preach them. Turnberry and Crew employees exemplify our core value of inclusion by committing to one or more Turnberry diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) efforts. Getting involved with DE&I at Turnberry is an opportunity to grow personally and professionally, build relationships and community at work, and cultivate a better workplace for everyone.

Turnberry employees table a Turkey Trot running event

Many of Turnberry’s DE&I practices are brought to life through our corporate social responsibility (CSR) brand Elevate. Elevate has three pillars: diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), employee resource groups (ERGS), and philanthropy and volunteering. The ERGs pillar allows employees to connect, learn, and build community, while the DE&I pillar encompasses companywide education, recruiting efforts, hiring policies, benefit offerings, and more.

Employee resource groups

Employee resource groups (ERGs) are communities of employees who focus on a common experience, identity, or interest. At Turnberry, ERG members meet regularly to plan events and activities, and connect with each other and the larger organization around their focus area. Membership is for those who identify with a group’s focus areas as well as allies who are passionate about the group’s mission. Participating in an ERG allows you to foster new relationships, flex your leadership muscles, and focus on a community you care about. You don’t need to be a member of an ERG to participate in the regular events and activities these groups sponsor. All employees are invited to participate in ERG-sponsored events multiple times each month.

Cultural Intelligence Group logo; Multicolor layered silhouette of a human face to the left of Cultural Intelligence Group with tagline underneath, Every Culture has a Story
Cultural Intelligence Group (CIG)

LGBTQ+ employment, allyship, advocacy, and unity

Turnberry Shine logo consisting of the word Shine in a bubble font and filled with a LGBTQ+ rainbow stripe with the outline on the top in brown fading to black

LGBTQ+ employment, allyship, advocacy, and unity

Logo for The Women's Collaborative event
The Women’s Collaborative (TWC)

Education, connection, and celebration of women

Well and Able logo with a three petaled flower line drawing in green, blue, and purple with Well & Able above Mind, Body, Ability to the right of the logo
Well & Able

Mental health, physical health, and disability awareness

Brave logo consisting of a three color shield with a blue wing in the center, green on the left and red on the right of the shield, Brave text in black is to the right

For veterans, first responders, and military families

Sustainability at Turnberry
Sustainability Team at Turnberry (STAT)

Environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future

An early career African American man raises a question while sitting behind a laptop at Turnberry's modern Minneapolis office

Quarterly trainings

The Turnberry Training team hosts at least one DE&I-focused training each quarter. These 60- to 90-minute training sessions feature experts in equity and inclusion and span a variety of relevant, meaningful topics. All employees receive regular invitations to join these and other training events.

A stack of books sits on a wood table with a pair of clear acetate and tortoise shell glasses sits on top of the books

DE&I book club

Each quarter, the DE&I and Training teams host a company-wide book club. The quarterly book selection focuses on a variety of DE&I topics based on relevancy and employee recommendations. Anybody can join a book club discussion – even if you haven’t finished the book!

Female professionals at Turnberry listen to speaker at Minneapolis offices


Turnberry works to provide inclusive benefits to all employees, evaluating and improving offerings each year. Benefits include healthcare, an employee assistance program (EAP), parental leave for all parents, family planning assistance, disability insurance, and flexible paid time off.

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