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Careers The experienced consultant path

The experienced
consultant path

Convergent consulting at Turnberry

Turnberry fills a niche in the consulting market relating to large-scale project and program delivery, and the high competence required to thrive in complex Fortune 500 environments. Our business model has been built to succeed in a difficult space: we are required to deliver top 10% talent necessary for complex, Fortune 500 work, without the costs associated with a traditional consulting model. We call it convergent consulting.

Your consulting career

At Turnberry, we aim to help our consultants build great careers in high-demand competencies, with meaningful training and coaching, on challenging projects and programs. Within our talent ecosystem, we’ve established two distinct and clearly defined career tracks for salaried consultants: the consulting track, and the management track.

Experienced roles

Business Agility

Our Business Agility service includes roles within project-to-product transformations, enterprise agility, product management education, and Agile coaching.

Process Optimization

Our Process Optimization service includes roles within business analysis, continuous process improvement, and organizational change management.

Project Management

Our Project Management practice includes roles within project management, and compliance and remediation.


Our Enterprise Applications service includes roles within Salesforce and SAP.

Process Design & Development

Our Digital Transformation service includes roles within product design and development, user experience design, custom development and enterprise modernization, cloud, devops, and enterprise architecture.

Enterprise Modernization
Data & Insights

Our Data & Insights service includes roles within data analytics, data governance, data architecture and engineering.


Our E-commerce service includes roles within experience, commerce, search, and content.

Our Engagement Models


Hourly – Light Support

The LIGHT consultant support structure is primarily focused on a successful client assignment. In this model, your main point of contact is the Turnberry client engagement team you’ll work with on your current client assignment.

You’ll select this model if you prefer the independence of hourly consulting and would rather connect periodically or reach out for support only when you have a question or concern.

Hourly – Full Support

The FULL consultant support structure is focused on a successful client assignment as well as being directly involved with the Turnberry practice model. You’ll have access to a Managing Consultant who you meet with regularly to have active career development discussions and Turnberry practice events.

You’ll select this model if you enjoy the community and professional development that comes along with regular connection and support.

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