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Choosing your career path with Turnberry and Crew

Find your path

At Turnberry, we aim to help our consultants build great careers in high-demand competencies, with meaningful training and coaching, on challenging projects and programs. Within our talent ecosystem, we’ve established two distinct and clearly defined career tracks for salaried consultants.

Management track & consulting track

Turnberry’s talent ecosystem:


  • Early career consultant
  • Seven distinct tracks
  • Solution/client/industry-based academies
  • Salaried consultants
  • High level of support and coaching
  • Highly engaged at Turnberry
  • Option to convert at client


  • Professional consultant
  • Deeper skillsets within our capabilities
  • Salaried employees
  • Moderate level of support and coaching
  • Highly engaged at Turnberry


  • Professional consultant
  • Deeper skillsets
  • W2 hourly or corp-to-corp (independent)
  • Low level of support and coaching
  • Moderate to low level of engagement at Turnberry

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