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Welcome to the lineup, Marketing Cloud Growth Edition

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Salesforce recently announced Marketing Cloud Growth Edition, the first step toward Marketing Cloud living on the core Einstein 1 Platform. This platform empowers marketers to leverage customer relationship management (CRM), data, and AI to efficiently build, personalize, and deliver campaigns at scale. Marketing Cloud (MC) Growth is powered by Data Cloud, seamlessly integrating data across marketing, sales, service, and commerce to build a unified customer profile – which is the perfect input for Einstein AI capabilities.

Although this is only the first iteration of Marketing Cloud on Einstein 1, it’s packed full of features. Here’s what we have to look forward to:

  • This platform puts Salesforce campaigns at the center, building emails from a campaign directly. (One platform = one definition of a campaign in Salesforce = a dream come true!)
  • Emails will be built on the Salesforce CMS, which was introduced to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) a few years ago. If you’re an Account Engagement user who hasn’t made the switch to the Lightning Email Builder, let this be a reminder that there is no time like the present!
  • Marketing Cloud Growth also brings form building into the CMS. This provides a better user experience than we’re used to in Account Engagement, Engagement, or Salesforce by allowing fields to be dragged and dropped directly from the object.
  • Another similar – though unique – feature across all three platforms is an automation tool: Engagement Programs, Journeys, and Flows. A streamlined interface for Flows will enable multi-step campaigns to be built like other Salesforce automation in Flows.
  • A new scoring capability is included, combining both demographic and behavioral insights.
  • These exciting new features are rounded out with additional Einstein and analytics capabilities.

This does not mean we’re saying goodbye to Account Engagement or Engagement – both platforms continue to have strong product roadmaps. Currently, Marketing Cloud Growth features are geared towards B2B and small and medium sized companies. This is a great option to explore for businesses using Salesforce but not leveraging a Salesforce Marketing platform already. Existing Account Engagement and Engagement customers will have access to MC Growth features to complement their current efforts.

Incorporating Marketing and core Salesforce capabilities through native functionality gives marketers the momentum to break down silos within their organizations, optimizing and delivering an exceptional customer experience at scale. I’m excited about the groundbreaking advances Salesforce continues to provide for marketers, and the positive impact the newest edition can bring to businesses of all sizes. Interested in learning more about the value Marketing Cloud Growth can bring to your business? Visit or reach out at

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