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Webinar on Demand

Anchoring to Data, AI, and Integrations

In our previous webinar, we explored the leveraging of scope and speed as key elements in our value framework for Salesforce. Building on the analogy of our digital city from the previous webinar, we now extend our focus to the “no excuses” tour, exploring anchors that drive direction, efficiency, and value in planning and execution. The phrase “no excuses” emphasizes the unprecedented opportunities to meet businesses where they are on their technical architecture journeys. This session delves into how anchors like Data, Integrations, and AI serve as tools moving at the speed of business, systematically eliminating excuses like legacy systems, data debt, and multi-instance ERP challenges.

Key talking points:

  • Data: 
    • Using Data Cloud as a tool for normalizing and harmonizing legacy and future data 
    • Achieving business elasticity through flexibility, scalability, and innovation 
  • Integrations: 
    • Using MuleSoft and Next Gen APIs to compose various experiences for internal and external delivery 
    • Democratizing and decentralizing decision-making through architectural discipline 
  • AI: 
    • The use of AI to drive analytics, system automation, and effective tactical decisions
    • The evolving landscape, including GPT and LLM, positions AI as a platform for ongoing innovation 


Nathan Koering

Principal Consultant

When Nathan was 23 he designed his first sales revenue digital tool for his territory, and bang! He was hooked! Ever since, Nathan has brought a passion for pulling together IT, business, operations, marketing, and others and working collaboratively to support their achievement through effective tools. Tools that make lives easier, processes that are just enough to enable and not disable, and organizational frameworks to optimize stabilize, and foundationally support innovation. A deep background in facilitation, strategic design, design thinking, and some of the most widely used operational technologies in the market, Nathan’s approach is to deliver effective and dynamic outcomes with each client and team he works with.