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Webinar on Demand

Accelerate Value and Innovation with Salesforce, Data Cloud, and MuleSoft

In our previous webinar, we extended our focus to the “no excuses” tour, exploring anchors that drive direction, efficiency, and value in planning and execution. 

In today’s dynamic business landscape, organizations are constantly seeking ways to stay ahead of the curve and drive sustainable growth. One such transformative approach is the adoption of a data-driven composable business model.  

Join us for the third and final webinar in our three-part series, where enterprise principal consultant Nathan Koering will dissect tangible use cases, revealing how this innovative model can revolutionize businesses and pave the way for exponential growth. 

Key talking points: 

  • Understand how adopting and streamlining a data-driven composable business model can revolutionize your business by enabling agility, scalability, and innovation. 
  • Learn about the pivotal role played by data and integrations in driving growth and efficiency within organizations, and how technologies like Data Cloud and MuleSoft serve as enablers for this transformation. 
  • Discover practical approaches for leveraging Data Cloud and MuleSoft to unlock new value streams, accelerate innovation, and propel business architecture forward, fostering sustainable growth and competitiveness. 

Meet the speaker

Nathan Koering

Enterprise principal consultant

When Nathan was 23 he designed his first sales revenue digital tool for his territory, and bang! He was hooked! Ever since, Nathan has brought a passion for pulling together IT, business, operations, marketing, and others and working collaboratively to support their achievement through effective tools. Tools that make lives easier, processes that are just enough to enable and not disable, and organizational frameworks to optimize stabilize, and foundationally support innovation. A deep background in facilitation, strategic design, design thinking, and some of the most widely used operational technologies in the market, Nathan’s approach is to deliver effective and dynamic outcomes with each client and team he works with.