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Seeing our foundation: Turnberry’s core values

Often, the core values of an organization get lost in the abyss of internal documentation, gathering dust instead of guiding us. In a consulting and implementation firm like Turnberry Solutions, where much of our energy is dedicated to the success of our clients, it could be easy to let these values drift into the background as we prioritize the demands in front of us. But here’s the thing: shouldn’t that make us even more determined to keep them front and center? Think of it this way: we’re often scaling and summiting different mountains with our clients – but our core values ensure we have the same training and tools to reach those summits.

A few months back, we gathered around the table to take a look at our core values and ask ourselves the tough questions. When I stepped into my role nearly six months ago, I recognized the greatness of our company and its culture. But I also saw an opportunity for alignment – a chance to elevate what’s already exceptional. It wasn’t about a complete overhaul; it was more like adjusting the lens, setting us up for a unified vision for Turnberry.

Thoughtful team ideation and a futuristic mindset led us to our revised set of core values. These are not just words on a page; they are the compass that guides and unifies our efforts at Turnberry:


In consulting, we thrive amid uncertainty and challenge. A growth mindset propels us to seek answers, welcome feedback, embrace mistakes, and learn from everything. We jump in with both feet and illuminate possibilities that energize our clients and deliver meaningful outcomes – with passion, enthusiasm, and just the right amount of fun.


We’re team players, grounded in the belief that when our clients and colleagues win, we all win. Our confidence comes from sharing our specialized knowledge and abilities, not through unfounded bravado or sheer arrogance. We bring emotional intelligence, openness, and collaboration to every relationship. We listen first, always.


Results speak volumes. At the end of the day, we hold ourselves to the standards and metrics that will make us – and our clients – successful. We’re tenacious in our pursuit of moving businesses forward, identifying opportunities, and solving problems. Our approach is deliberate, focused, and intentional.


With our expertise and strategic acumen, we deliver the solutions our business and clients require. To shape a better tomorrow, we boldly pursue it with courage and conviction today.


We are committed to hiring and growing a diverse team of high performers. We support our employees in being their whole selves and are dedicated to creating a positive and connected environment for all. We believe that the uniqueness of ideas, experiences, and backgrounds makes us a better Turnberry.

These values manifest in numerous ways: from our junior consultants in Crew impressing Fortune 500 clients with their energy and potential, to our employee resource groups organizing impactful events, and our training team providing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) resources. They are the threads that weave through the fabric of our organization.

Chosen carefully through extensive team collaboration, these values reflect the very essence of Turnberry Solutions, and extend nicely from the previous version. Our culture, much like our values, is a conscious effort that demands dedication from each of us. They are not just markers of who we are but serve as signposts guiding us toward our future.

Whether you’re already familiar with us or just beginning to learn about our story, I invite you to stay tuned as we continue to evolve and grow in service to our consultants and our clients.

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