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Consultant Spotlight

Ryan Nieves: July 2023 Consultant Spotlight

Project Management Associate

I graduated from New Jersey Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in information systems with a cybersecurity focus and a minor in business. I joined Crew as a project management associate in March 2022. I am currently working on three consultant projects with guidance from my leaders. The projects involve eMaint, a software for managing maintenance work, Bank Integration and Standardization (BIS) using SAP, and the IT infrastructure integration of Biarri Networks.

My favorite part of the workday is the one or two hours I take to organize everything from my thoughts to the files of each project. I love a neat file system and a clear head.

Something new I’ve incorporated this year into my working routine is recording Teams meetings to have a longstanding backlog of recordings and transcripts to both review and keep track of in case a project goes awry. Outside of work, I’ve taken up MMA classes to stay in shape since I stopped playing Ice hockey. It’s been very fun and new!

My favorite part about being a consultant with Crew is the variety of projects offered and being able to learn their systems and provide insight that can make a real difference. My favorite memory in the Crew program has been attending a social event out in Raritan, New Jersey, where I was able to really connect with some fellow crew consultants and peers.

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