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Consultant Spotlight

Lauryn Woerdeman: February 2024 Crew Consultant Spotlight

Project Management Associate

I graduated from Iowa State University in 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in business management and a minor in sociology. I have been with Crew for eight months, and I currently work as an organizational change management (OCM) support specialist at CHS. I work with many OCM team members to handle a multitude of different tasks and projects within the CHS OCM team including process standardization, event and meeting coordination/facilitation, internal communication tasks, OCM education program support, and key metric reporting. In my current role, I love that no day’s tasks are the same and I have been exposed to so many different projects and functional areas within CHS. I also love getting to interact and form relationships with different individuals every single day, both at CHS and at Turnberry. My favorite Crew training I attended was the Crew new associate training, where I got to spend three days in person with fellow new associates in the Minneapolis office. I loved this training because during those three days, I not only learned valuable information regarding my new role but met and formed relationships with some incredible coworkers. Outside of work, I enjoy reading, painting, hiking and running outdoors, playing the piano at weddings, volunteering at my church, and am a huge animal lover

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