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Kendra Von Achen

Midwest Dreamin’ 2023 speaker

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The Changing World of Profiles and Permissions

How to Structure Your Security Differently

If not done properly, setting up security in Salesforce can be an Admin’s worst nightmare. With Salesforce making changes in how Profiles will be used in the future, it’s important for Admins and implementation specialists to make a plan to restructure users’ security and permissions now, so they aren’t caught in a time crunch when Profiles officially change. Join this session to learn how to maximize the use of Permissions and Permission Set Groups while minimizing the number of Profiles that need to be assigned to users.


Security Mapping Use Case Template

Download and use this security mapping template for your own purposes.

Salesforce to Retire Permissions on Profiles – What’s Next?

A great article on what is happening with Profiles and the move to Permission Sets.

Clean Up Profiles and Permission Sets in Salesforce

Another article on how to go about beginning to clean up profiles.

User Access and Permissions Assistant

Analyze, report, and manage permissions and permission assignments.

Satrang Mass Assign Permissions

Mass assign to multiple profiles and permission sets in one go.

Query for Permissions Reference Guide

Use this “cheat sheet” as a quick reference for your queries.

About Kendra

Kendra Von Achen is a Functional Architect and Consulting Director at Turnberry Solutions. She has over 20 years of CRM experience and over 11 years of Salesforce experience. Kendra is 10x Salesforce certified and not stopping soon! She lives in New Jersey with her husband and two kids, and dog Ollie.

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