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Consultant Spotlight

Jacob Becker: November 2023 Crew Consultant Spotlight

Business Analysis Associate

I graduated from the University of North Carolina in May of 2022 with a major in economics. Soon after, I started with Crew as a business analysis associate. In my current role, I collaborate with the Salesforce business and legal services team, partnering with law firms nationwide to implement case management and accounting software in Salesforce. My daily tasks involve customizing user experiences, automating processes, conducting user acceptance testing (UAT), addressing support requests, and meeting with clients. Outside of work, I enjoy playing golf and pickleball, and hiking on the Blue Ridge Parkway when I visit my parents in western North Carolina. My favorite part about consulting is developing working relationships with clients and seeing our work improve the clients’ efficiency and overall workflow. I enjoy working collaboratively with other Salesforce team members to solve the unique needs of our clients.

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