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Consultant Spotlight

Elena Giebel: December 2023 Crew Consultant Spotlight

Project Management Senior Associate

I graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College with double majors in communication studies and Spanish. Since starting with Crew in January 2022, I’ve been working with AstraZeneca as a project manager/Scrum lead in the global IT space. On these projects, my teams are developing and enhancing patient experience platforms that support patients and healthcare providers in Europe, Australia, and Vietnam. My favorite thing about consulting is the flexibility that it gives me to shift into new roles, opportunities, and projects. Especially with Crew, I’ve been able to leverage my growth and any trainings/certifications that I’ve earned through Turnberry to quickly grow into new spaces where I previously may not have been the right fit. My favorite memory as a Crew consultant was the opportunity that I was given to travel across the country and to the United Kingdom with my client. I was invited to attend an in-person project go-live and a team summit where I grew my network and deepened my professional connections with teams. I loved being able to connect with people whom I usually only speak to online. There’s so much you can learn from people just over a cup of coffee!

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