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Model-based product discovery

Service Provided Business Agility

Establishing shared understanding in service of innovative product development.

If you are in product management and wish that discovery would take much less time – this paper is for you. 

Throughout many fields of work, we find numerous examples of visual models and representations that facilitate early discovery of what will be built. These tools aid in understanding concepts and fostering alignment among stakeholders and team members. However, within the digital product space, we often find ourselves relying heavily on documentation to outline requirements. This involves breaking down larger tasks into smaller ones to fit into a sprint, a process commonly known as refinement. But using a written approach for this essential discovery process can be extraordinarily expensive. It can also focus on breaking down known requirements and not used models to discover unknowns.

Moving to using models (drawing, diagrams, etc.) that discover new and break down existing ideas makes this process much faster. 

Learn from Creg Schumann about how model-based product discovery can make a meaningful impact on the people and processes in your organization.