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Game-changing Scrum Masters

Service Provided Business Agility

It’s time for Scrum Masters to do more.

“We canceled our daily stand-up because (Scrum Master) was on vacation.”

“All (Scrum Master) does is schedule meetings and update Jira tickets for the team.”

“(Scrum Master), we need you to create a CR when you get back tomorrow.”

If any of these quotes sound familiar or resonate, it may be time for you to reconsider how you view the role of the Scrum Master on your teams. The role of the Scrum Master was once heralded as a pivotal role on the Scrum team. Today – in large part due to the growing trend to move away from traditional “Scrum-by-the-book” – the Scrum Master role is poised for a significant evolution or, in some cases, a potential phase-out. 

Learn from Ti Mougne and Lindsay Bennett about how Scrum Masters are truly transformational leaders when developed effectively.

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Additional Case Studies

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