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Contact center model improvements

Service Provided Business Transformation
Capabilities Utilized Continuous Process Improvement

Our client needed to introduce a total benefit outsourcing (TBO) or “super agent” model in which a single call agent could engage, answer, and transact across all four client product lines.​

Client challenge

The client, a Fortune 100 financial services company, needed to reinvent its contact center service delivery model to win a $300 million customer with a world-renowned customer service reputation. The prospective customer was asking for a total benefit outsourcing model that, at the time, was not offered in the industry at the size and scale desired. The client’s contact center current state was a siloed, multi-agent model that focused on singular product lines, which led to high call transfer rates. The client was hopeful a model overhaul could be designed but was skeptical on the ability to successfully implement in time to win the new customer.

Our solution

The Turnberry team developed a tiered service “super agent” model that provided total benefit outsourcing. We quickly executed a proof of concept with the client’s other customers currently on the platform to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and success prior to rolling the idea out to the prospective customer.


All the client’s current customers were successfully transferred to the new service model; the call transfer rate was reduced by 85% and the client won the new $300 million customer’s business. Our client’s Net Promoter Score rose from 49 to 76, and because of the increased efficiency, staffing levels were reduced by 22%, resulting in significant cost savings. Several customers recognized the client’s improvements through prestigious vendor awards. The improved TBO service model not only secured a very prosperous customer, but the revamped service model has now become a financial services industry contact center best practice.​