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Addressing the talent crisis:

How to effectively engage with early-career professionals

This spring, Crew leaders Lydia Benge Cloeter and Maura Bremer Peterson were invited to partner with the Minnesota Technology Association (MnTech) for its inaugural “Tech Talk” series, an opportunity to bring together local technology leaders to discuss pressing and relevant technology topics and issues of interest to the greater IT community. This Tech Talk’s topic was Building your Workforce: How technology leaders are adapting and investing to address the talent crisis.

On this topic, from the event: “Our state is not producing enough young IT professionals to fill in-demand roles, and employers are having a hard time filling roles with available talent. Far too few of our young people (and fewer still from diverse backgrounds) are choosing careers in IT – leading to a very small number of graduates for employers to fight over.  And yet, this small pool of new graduates often has a hard time getting hired. This disconnect is due in part to the misalignment between the skills being taught and the needs of employers. Managers are under pressure to produce results and rarely have time to train, mentor, and support young technologists to close these gaps. Entry-level job postings are looking for experience, but internships and opportunities to gain that experience are hard to find.”

Given their passion, interest, and successes in helping Fortune 500 companies successfully employ and retain early-career consultants, Lydia and Maura shared their insights and advice with the group. Please view the Tech Talk and let us know: how have you benefited from working with recent graduates or early-career talent?

More on MnTech: “For more than 40 years, the Minnesota Technology Association (MnTech) has helped Minnesota’s technology-driven companies achieve greater success.  We nurture access to exceptional talent, provide dedicated public policy advocates, and conduct engaging, inclusive, and educational community events and programs in service to our 200 member companies.”

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